Creating an interactive video is a powerful way to engage with your customers and prospects.  Using our tools, you can take existing content and add interaction without re-editing your material. 

This page brings together the various resources you will need to get started creating interactive videos using Togotiki.  Creating attractive interactive videos can be done without IT experience in a few basic steps.

  1. Load the media files you plan to use (videos, 360s, images)
  2. Plan your interaction points
    • will viewers be moving within the video
    • will you be embedding content (images, videos, forms)
    • are you planning to add text to your video
    • determine when your interaction points will occur 
  3. Create your video Scene
  4. Add overlay and elements to video
  5. Share your video

The following articles and videos will give you further guidance on each of these steps.

Interactive Video Webinar

Simple Interactive Video