Application Development

Custom applications can change a business’s trajectory

by providing competitive sustainable advantages. 

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The most powerful custom solutions add value or remove friction from transaction and bring measurable improvements in both sales and operations.

The “next big thing” might just be a small tweak.

Consider Amazon’s “1-Click” buy now button introduced and patented in 1999, it was a small feature with profound implications. By securely storing payment and shipping data, they removed multiple steps (friction) and enabled fast (easy and impulsive) purchasing.

Working with a development team that can quickly understand your business requirements and translate them into viable cost-effective solutions is key to success.

A free consultation is a great way to test out your idea and gauge the ability of your potential developer to understand your situation and deliver a solution.

Little things can have a big impact.

You don’t need to be Amazon to deliver value with a custom solution.

A florist that sends reminders for flowers on important dates like birthdays or anniversaries.   All they need is to remember a few names, dates, and addresses, which make its customers lives easier (remove friction) and drives real revenue growth (easy sale).

A restaurant that wants to serve locally grown seasonal foods while reducing food waste caused by scraps and spoilage (lower their cost).  If they created their daily specials based upon the available high quality local items and customers ordered online in advance.  This would allow the restaurant to only purchase the freshest vegetables, seafood and meat needed to meet their actual orders.  Or they could offer weekly or monthly meal plans to secure a stable revenue stream to stabilize labor and food costs.

A barber that pings occasional discounts to customers if they have not been in for 30 days, give discounts if you book your next appointment before leaving, or provides points for each service.  It’s not rocket science, but simple to keep track of and drive value.

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