Creating a Scene

What is a Scene?

A Scene is one of the primary building blocks in Togotiki.  The following highlights a few of the things you can do with Scenes.

  • Add hotspot to 360 images
  • Collect email addresses
  • Add HTML information panels
  • Make videos interactive
  • Connect Scene to each other
  • Create Embed Codes
  • Control Mapping
  • Create Virtual Tours


Scene Titles – Scenes are created from media in your File Library.  To save you time naming all of your Scenes the system will prepopulate the Scene Title from the File Title.  Make sure you have File Titles that are user friendly.

Selecting Media – Scenes are created from media in your File Library that has been scanned and indexed by the system.  When you are choosing your media to create a Scene use the Search & Filter tools to help you find the correct media.    

  • Click on the Scene Manager Tile on your homepage
  • Click on the add button in the upper-right
  • After you click Add, the Media Chooser will pop-up.  You can use this to select the media file you want to use to create your scene.  If you select multiple pieces of media the system will automatically create a Scene for each piece of Media.  After select the file(s) click the OK button.
  • After clicking OK on Add Scene you will be taken to a listing of all your Scene.  

To Edit a Scene simply click on the Edit Pencil and the Scene will open in Edit Mode.  The available controls and features will depend on the type of media in the Scene (Video, Photo, 360…)

Click on the Settings Icon to edit the Scene Title (Auto-populated from the File Title), Scene Description, Document Status (Draft or Published), Social Sharing (On or Off) Click on the Save Icon

  • Under the Settings Icon is also the Hotspot Icon (Images and 360 Images), HTML Icon, Map Icon, Call to Action Icon (Videos), 360 Starting Point Icon (360 Images) and Picture-in-Picture Icon (Images and 360 Images)

Now that you have created a Scene you can explore doing more with it, such as:

Embedding a Scene on your Site

Creating a Virtual Tour

Creating an Interactive Video

Adding HTML Panels to your Scene

Putting a Scene into an Episode or Series

Adding a Scene to your Landing Page