Real Estate

Interactive Video & Virtual Tour

A real estate interactive video home tour, with 360 content, is highly cost effective and an efficient way to give buyers an immersive view of your property. Real estate interactive video & virtual tour technologies greatly enhance a properties market position.

The two samples below demonstrate different formats you can create in TogoTiki.
Of course, your imagination can make even more.

When a narrative is added to the tour format, it helps focus a buyer's attention on your property's features and highlights,
while improving both their impression of the location and their retention.

This sample features:

This sample interactive video tour gives buyers a unique sense of "presence" to the property and is extremely cost effective to create.

360 Virtual Real Estate Tour

TogoTiki's 360 Tour Creator is powerful and easy to use.  The ability to navigate through a space is simple and intuitive for viewers.

The inclusion of videos, a picture-in-picture narrated tour, and/or other links ensure buyers get the best introduction to the property.
Agents are delighted by the results and buyers love the tours.

This sample features: