Improve Online Retail Results with Shoppable Video Driving Revenue

Can shoppable video improve your sales?

Every retailer wants to know how to improve online retail results with shoppable video.  When you consider that most people prefer watching video versus reading text, the better question is “Why wouldn’t a customer prefer to purchase your product in a video?”  When you position the inquiry in this manner you can see an obvious advantage to a shoppable video.  It makes it easier for your customer to do exactly what you want – buy your product. 

Shoppable video has been proven to increase purchase intent by 9x

Adding a purchase now feature inside an interactive video can be easily created with TogoTiki’s drag and drop platform.


The example on the right is a simple interactive video demonstration.

Using video in marketing is an imperative for businesses marketing their products, services or resorts.

Pages with videos rank higher in search engines and have higher visitor time on page.  That precious time on page creates a virtuous loop with two significant benefits:

  1. Search engine rank you higher because of the increased viewer time on page
  2. Your visitors are engaging more with your content (building relationship and sharing your message)


The videos on your page can be dangerous if they contain annoying ads or distracting content. 

You spend significant time and money on page design, graphics, search engine optimization (SEO) and ads so that people visit your site – don’t lose those visitors with video ads or distracting video recommendations.  Use a private video streaming engine when you embed videos on your pages. 

Frustrated Customer
Frustrated by Annoying Ads

Your pages and product description on Shopify, WooCommerce and Big Commerce can all include shoppable video (interactive video) from TogoTiki.  Online retailers can get a big boost in their customer engagement with video and making it easy to buy.

TogoTiki makes it easy to add shoppable video into your ecommerce engine.  Integrate shoppable video right into your shopping cart with TogoTiki.  You can share your shoppable video using email, text, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit and more.

Use Shoppable Video with Shopify, BigCommerce and WooCommerce