Togotiki Can Support Your ADA and Section 508 Compliance Requirements.

Section 508 and ADA Compliance are federal requirements for many institutions and businesses.  Learn more.  Having content that is accessible to all user is a big challenge for many organizations.  We have been working hard to provide tools that support your efforts in creating virtual tours and interactive videos that are ADA and Section 508 compliant.  Using our tools can help you in the creative and delivery process to assist all user in accessing your content on Togotiki.

Many aspects of web accessibility (ADA and Section 508 Compliance) reside in the creative content that you are making.  For example, are you including descriptive narrative tracks or content in your video material to help the visually impaired understand your video.  When you create interactive video content that includes button or text overlays make sure to select colors, sizes and placement that can be seen by users with visual impairments (color blind).  Our mouse over interactions helps keyboard users navigate the site by better understanding their page position.

Additionally, our video player and 360 viewer support Windows 10 Accessibility features like pointer size and mouse to keyboard interaction.

  • Ability to create contrasting color compositions
  • Automatically generate AI Powered speech-to-text transcripts
  • Responsive magnification
  • Responsive navigation to numeric key-pad controls
  • Support multiple audio sound tracks for user selection (narration and language)
  • Automated closed caption creation and translation to multiple languages
  • Ability to add descriptive side panels on Scenes
  • Add Picture-in-picture video (narration) to 360 virtual tours
  • Support Windows 10 Mouse Accessibility feature (navigate with numeric keypad)

Creating a web accessible experience can be very challenging, especially when working with video and 360 media.  When you leverage our tools with your content and creativity you can create a better web accessibility environment for your audience.