Digital Asset Management

Meta Data


 We have taken the collection and management of Meta Data to a new level for Digital Asset Management.  You can work on one file at a time or use our bulk update tool to enrich your content.   We also automatically extract and create meta data for you.

Video Transcription


 Using a powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) system, let TogoTiki generate full transcripts of the spoken words in your videos.  Then jump start your transcripts into dozen of languages for Closed Caption presentation.  Easily edit your transcripts in Timeline view and of course your video and its transcripts go right into the TogoTiki Search Engine. 

Integrated AI Powered Search


 You create great content, but it is not always easy to predict how your viewers will want to use it.  TogoTiki’s AI powered search indexes your content for optimal performance.  This ensures your viewers get the information they need.  Plus you get intuitive filter controls to easily find exactly what your looking for based upon time, location, transcripts, tags, insights and  

Image and Video Analysis


Using AI we analyze and index your media to enrich it,  not only does this include transcripts in videos, but object detection and OCR in images. 

Geo-location Based Explorer


 Whether we have extracted the geo-location data directly from your files or you have added it, we of course let you search and filter on it.  This helps both you and your visitors go deeper into your content. 

Multiple Media Formats


 Leverage all your media, not just video in a single tool.  Today’s internet audience loves videos, but a picture can still tell a thousand words.  So why not bring it all to life in TogoTiki.